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Discover the world of the "12" Book Series, a fictional universe governed by the unwritten rules of the galactic "Hyperconsciousness", where five races battle for power and supremacy!
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12 Volume I - Front Cover - 3D

Volume I

The book follows the riveting adventure of an Earthling, young Ryan Thompson, who is drawn into a shadow war between five ancient and very powerful races in a distant galaxy. Ryan and his new allies uncover a sinister plot in which several elite military units are systematically abducting beings endowed with supernatural abilities due to their unique connection to the "Galactic Hyperconsciousness", an intelligent entity that exists purely as an energy manifestation and is responsible for the evolution of all life in the galaxy. Ryan must learn to use the abilities granted by his special connection to the "Hyperconsciousness" and fight for survival.

Ryan's departure from Earth triggers a series of events that draws warriors from the five great powers into the conflict. Under the guidance of the "Hyperconsciousness", the seemingly isolated fates of the protagonists converge to unravel the mystery of the disappearances and prevent a possible galactic war.

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12 Volume I - Front Cover - 3D
12 Volume II - Front Cover - 3D

Volume II

The Ahillians and the Dark Brotherhood, two of the elite military groups under the Warrior Caste of Sirrius, have abducted thousands of people with supernatural abilities in order to use them to activate an ancient artifact of unimaginable power. Upon learning of this plot, the great powers of the Nobruga galaxy can no longer remain neutral and are forced to intervene to ensure the continuation of the fragile peace.

In their search for answers, Ryan and his allies incur the wrath of the Ahillians and are forced to flee for their lives. Guided by the "Galactic Hyperconsciousness", the protagonists must overcome unexpected challenges and relentless enemies to ultimately launch an offensive against the nefarious forces that seek to ignite a new galactic war.

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12 Volume III - Front Cover - 3D

Volume III

War is inevitable. The Warrior Caste of Sirrius and the Church of the Hyperconsciousness intend to use the people abducted by the Ahillians to activate an artifact, belonging to an extinct civilization, that could destroy the "Galactic Hyperconsciousness" and plunge all the races of the Nobruga galaxy into chaos.

The Hellion and Technoton races are forced to launch an offensive into the Warrior Caste's galactic sector in an attempt to prevent the artifact from being activated. Ryan and his allies join the Hellion and Technoton armies in battle, using their unique abilities to prevent the destruction of the "Hyperconsciousness" and stop Arhemon, the leader of the Warrior Caste.

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12 Volume III - Front Cover - 3D
12 Book Series - Ryan Thomson

Ryan Thompson

Ryan is a young Earthling caught up in a shadow war between the Hellions and the Warrior Caste. Taken from Earth by Jurada Link, an elite infiltration agent in the service of the Hellions, Ryan is brought to the Nobruga galaxy, where he joins the Warrior House of the Unwanted. Under the Jurada's tutelage, he learns how to fight and control the supernatural abilities granted to him by his unique connection to the "Hyperconsciousness" in order to protect himself and discover why he was targeted by the Ahillians.

While he eventually adapts to the military lifestyle necessary to survive, he is still plagued by the crushing guilt of his parents' deaths and the inevitable emotional distress of struggling to survive in a strange, new world. Though he can wield tremendous power, his mind is primitive compared to the races that inhabit the Nobruga galaxy, further complicating his existence. While life has been cruel and unfair, Ryan must face his fears and inner demons and find the courage to save himself and possibly the entire galaxy.

Race: Earthling

Parents: Robert (father) and Angela (mother)

Age: 24 years

Features: Short dark hair, blue eyes

Abilities: Generation and control of energy clones

12 Book Series - Roonas

Roonas, the last Sand King

Roonas, the last Sand King

Roonas and his father are the last surviving members of the Sada'kin race. Fleeing the wrath of the Church, his parents crash-landed on the planet Tresk, where they remained for more than 60 years. For most of that time, Rooonas was kept in cryogenic sleep due to a severe illness, and was awakened when his mother finally found a cure. His father had continued to fight for the Hellions, and had left the planet, to ensure that the Church would come looking for him. Shortly after his fourteenth birthday, Roonas discovered that he could generate an enormous energy field, and later his father confirmed that he had inherited the Sand King genes, which allowed him to telekinetically control sand.

Driven by his curiosity to explore the world and his need to finally find a place where he belongs, Roonas also begins to learn how to fight, using his remarkable abilities to protect himself and his newfound family. Though older than Ryan, the two quickly become friends and eventually begin to fight together to solve the mystery of the Ahillian coordinated disappearances and possibly change the fate of the galaxy.

Race: Sada'kin

Parents: Jugred'in (father) and Mara'dem (mother)

Age: 26 years

Features: Long hair, dreads, brown eyes

Abilities: Telekinetic control of sand

12 Book Series - Roonas
12 Book Series - Miyuki


Miyuki is the daughter of Kaen, the last leader of the Eishi Reiza race. She was a child when the Battle of the "Fire Maelstrom" took place, and she was left in the care of the Hellions, along with several dozen other Eishi Reiza children. During the fierce battle, all the remaining adults of the Eishi Reiza were killed.

After Miyuki grew up, she and the remaining children formed a paramilitary unit that carried out autonomous attacks against the Warrior Caste and their allies. One by one, they died until only Miyuki remained. When all seemed lost, Io'ta'lo found her and asked her to join the "Unwanted". Since then, she has fought alongside Thundreas and the other members of his Warrior House.

Miyuki is almost as powerful as Thundreas, has a high degree of autonomy, and is an expert in infiltration, assassination, and sabotage. Though loyal to her cause, she has shunned war for centuries and dreams of a peaceful life.

Race: Eishi Reiza

Parents: Kaen (father) and Arasha (mother)

Age: 700+ years

Features: Short hair, brown eyes, silver mask

Abilities: Generation and control of fire

12 Book Series - Thundreas

Thundreas Hellion

Thundreas Hellion

Thundreas is the firstborn of Arthurus, the leader of the Hellions, and is regarded as his successor as leader of the Hellion Empire. Thundreas has led the Hellion military against the Warrior Caste of Sirrius for over five hundred years. During the last few centuries of the Great War, he has founded and coordinated his own Warrior House, called, for lack of a better name, "The Unwanted".

Thundreas has represented the Hellions in almost every negotiation or treaty signing, except those that were conducted within the Great Council on Iona. Hailed as a true hero by his people, he has devoted more than half a millennium to protecting the Hellion sector and its people. Fulfilling his duty has come at a great cost to his personal life, as he is unmarried and has no children. Little else is known of his private life, but it is rumored that he also holds the title of "Guardian of Justice", which is believed to be a special position within the Hellion government structure that grants him various privileges and extended control over the military.

Race: Hellion

Parents: Arthurus (father)

Age: 730+ years

Features: Tall, imposing, blonde hair, blue eyes

Abilities: Generation and control of electric current

12 Book Series - Thundreas
12 Book Series - Caedmon


Caedmon is the only son of Calidon, the leader of Church of the Hyperconsciousness. While many believe that Caedmon only a small portion of his father's power, the young monk of the Egani Order is arguably the most powerful telepath in the Church's ranks, if not the galaxy.

His youth was difficult, as he began to manifest his abilities later than expected. Believing that his son was not worthy to take his place as leader of the Church, Calidon abandoned his son and his mother on a small planet and forgot about the boy. To stay with his mother, the young Caedmon hid his powers and pretended to be an ordinary monk.

While preparing for the customary initiation pilgrimage, Caedmon has a vision of the future that sets him on a path to save the Church from annihilation. Because of this grand vision, Caedmon came to believe that he was the "Chosen One" and that the fate of his race, and possibly the entire galaxy, rested on his shoulders.

Race: The Church (Egani Order)

Parents: Calidon (father)

Age: 40+ years

Features: Blonde hair, small frame, frail

Abilities: Telepathy, Vital Energy Manipulation

12 Book Series - Jing-Hye



Jing-Hye is part of the latest generation of genetically altered warriors of the Shin’Kensai Warrior House, created by the Technoton race. Like most of his brothers and sisters, Jing-Hye is the result of the successful insertion of Hellion genes into the Technoton genetic code.

Like all other Shin'Kensai of his generation, he manifested immense power, but he also inherited most of the dominant physical traits of the Hellions, making him one of the most powerful warriors in the service of the Technotons.

Although he was raised to be a warrior, Jing-Hye chose to serve as a spy, gathering information and helping the Technoton AI carry out its plans without using violence or killing. His compassion and empathy are living proof that the Technoton's plans to reintroduce the genes responsible for the manifestation of emotions have been a great success.

Race: Techonton

Parents: Unknown

Age: 230+ years

Features: Black hair, black eyes, grey skin

Abilities: Space Time Manipulation

12 Book Series - Jing-Hye
12 Book Series - Vanllen

King Vanllen

King Vanllen is the immortal ruler of the Ahillians and one of Arhemon's most loyal followers. The immense power of the Ahillians earned the respect of the leader of the warrior caste, leading to a fruitful and long-lasting alliance between the two races that has benefited both sides for several thousand years.

Of all the kings who have ruled the Ahillians, Vanllen is considered the strongest and bravest. During the Great War, while fighting alongside the warrior caste of Sirrius, Vanllen impressed Arhemon with his feats of valor, often emerging victorious from direct confrontation with the Hellions, furthering the Caste's respect for the Ahillians. Eager to live up to his reputation, the Ahillian King is one of the most pro-war leaders of any race in the galaxy. The fact that his ability to regenerate makes him nearly immortal seems to weigh heavily in his decisions.

Race: Ahillian

Parents: Unknown

Age: 1300+ years

Features: Beautiful, strong, immortal

Abilities: Rapid Regeneration

12 Book Series - Sofilara



Sofilara is the favourite daughter of Arhemon, the leader of the Warrior Caste of Sirrius. Considered almost as powerful as her father, she is next in line to lead the Warrior Caste. Despite being the second youngest of Arhemon's offspring, she has defeated all of her siblings and all the major military leaders to earn the respect of the Caste.

However, having immense power from a young age has made her narcissistic, overconfident and ruthless. With little or no regard for human life, she has committed the most atrocious acts in the name of the Caste, but these aspects have been kept hidden from the public.

Her great power ensures her a place in the ranks of the warrior caste, but she fears that to Arhemon's inner circle sees her as a useful weapon and nothing more. The suspicion that she is not respected by the Caste's elite has only made her actions more vicious and unpredictable.

Race: Warrior Caste

Parents: Arhemon (father)

Age: 140+ years

Features: Black hair, arrogant, red eyes

Abilities: Can absorb and use other people's abilities

12 Book Series - Sofilara
12 Book Series - Jakalara


Jakalara is the least favourite daughter of Arhemon, the leader of the Warrior Caste of Sirrius. Despite being the strongest of the Caste's warriors, she is considered Arhemon's greatest disappointment. Although she can increase her strength exponentially and is a great fighter, her emotional problems have caused her to fall from grace over the years.

During the last military campaigns of the Great War, her emotional decisions led to devastating losses among the Warrior Caste. Dismissed from the military, she has worked tirelessly to regain her father's respect and the position she once held. This has not been an easy endeavour, for Arhemon has had many other children as powerful and as determined as Jakalara.

She has spent the years since the end of the Great War training and challenging her siblings, ensuring that none who stand in her way survive.

Race: Warrior Caste

Parents: Arhemon (father)

Age: 340+ years

Features: Blonde hair, tall, aggressive, red eyes

Abilities: Control bone density, generate bone mass (armor)

12 Book Series - Arhemon



Arhemon has led the Warrior Caste of Sirrius for the past 3000 years. Under his rule, the Caste has seen unprecedented progress and expansion, even during the Great War.

Considered the most powerful being in the known universe, he is revered by the Warrior Caste. Over the years, he has fought in countless battles and is personally responsible for wiping out nearly the entire Hellion leadership bloodline.

Though driven by his pride, he has always put the interests of the Caste above all else, striving to create a perfect world for his race. In keeping with the ways of the Caste, he has always looked down on the younger and weaker races, but he has never been cruel or ruthless towards them. Even during the Great War, he went to great lengths to ensure that those considered weaker were not harmed by the actions of the Caste. His greatest ambition is to help his people evolve and reach their full potential.

Race: Warrior Caste

Parents: Unknown

Age: 3000+ years

Features: Fierce, massive, red eyes

Abilities: Unknown

12 Book Series - Arhemon

Story Timeline

  • Nobruga Stories

    Age of the Hyperconsciousness

    Over four thousand years ago, the technologically advanced races of the Nobruga Galaxy discovered the manifestation of the "Hyperconsciousness". Hailed as proof of the divine nature of the world and human existence, this discovery led to an age of harmony, friendship, and mutual support among all the races of the galaxy. In time, however, the newfound faith evolved into scientific discovery, and then into an integral part of human existence. Human beings no longer believed that they were the creation of magical overseers, destined to serve their whims and desires. Instead, they accepted that they were an evolutionary byproduct resulting from the existence of the "Hyperconsciousness".

    Even though humans had lost faith in a greater plan orchestrated by the will of a Divine Creator, mutual cooperation, especially under the unyielding influence of the "Hyperconsciousness", led the Old Races to continue to help one another, while keeping personal gain a rational priority. After hundreds of years of study, the Old Races discovered how to strengthen the individual's connection to the "Hyperconsciousness" and gained access to the energy manifestations. Thus began the "Age of the Hyperconsciousness".

    The Great War

    A thousand years of peace and prosperity, of growth and expansion, ended when the Old Races realized that their existence had never been a priority of the Hyperconsciousness. Under its influence, the Young Races began to flourish, while the Old Races seemed to stagnate. Individuals who were part of the Old Races began to live for hundreds or even thousands of years. During their lifetimes, they focused on knowledge, technology, and creation. While they produced offspring in the first hundred years of their lives, most of them stopped having children after that age. In contrast, the Young Races, benefiting from technology and support, enjoyed their short-lived lives and produced many offspring. Their children would continue to do the same, exponentially increasing the number of individuals within their races.

    Thus, for millennia, the Hyperconsciousness limited the benefits enjoyed by the Old Races, in favor of the ever-expanding and ever-consuming Young Races. This seemed unacceptable to some of the Old Races. While debating the fate and support of the Young Races, the Hellions and the Warrior Caste of Sirrius found themselves on opposite sides. Driven by their desire to evolve, the Warrior Caste decided to restrict the Young Races, while the Hellions opposed such a course of action. It did not take much to ignite the flames of war that have ravaged the Nobruga galaxy for the past three thousand years.

  • Volume I

    After the Great War

    While still in his early teens, Ryan is identified as having the specific gene sequence that grants him a special connection to the "Hyperconsciousness" and becomes a target of the shadow forces seeking to reignite the flames of war. Secretive factions have been systematically abducting people throughout the known universe, though the reason and purpose for their actions is unknown. Jurada Link, a special agent of the Hellion race, rescues Ryan and takes him to safety on a distant planet. There, Ryan learns to harness and control the special abilities granted by his connection to the "Hyperconsciousness", and, with the help of newfound allies, he must fight for his survival and freedom.

    Guidance from the Hyperconsciousness

    Ryan's departure from Earth sets in motion a series of events that draws warriors from the five great powers into this hidden conflict. While investigating the mysterious disappearances, the protagonists discover that the Ahillians and their allied Warrior Houses plan to use the gifted individuals to activate an ancient artifact capable of turning the tide of the war. Under the guidance of the "Hyperconsciousness", the seemingly isolated fates of the main characters converge to unravel the mystery of the ancient artifact and to possibly prevent a new galactic war.

  • Volume II

    The Shadow War

    The Ahillians and the Dark Brotherhood, two of the elite military groups under the Warrior Caste of Sirrius, have abducted thousands of people with supernatural abilities in order to use them to activate an ancient artifact of unimaginable power. Upon learning of this plot, the great powers of the Nobruga galaxy can no longer remain neutral and are forced to intervene to ensure the continuation of the fragile peace.


    In their search for the missing people, Ryan and his allies incur the wrath of the Ahillians and are forced to fight for their lives. Open confrontations erupt throughout the galactic sector of the 100 Kingdoms, leaving the future of several of the key characters uncertain.

    Guided by the galactic "Hyperconsciousness", the protagonists must overcome unexpected challenges and battle relentless enemies in order to survive. The fighting takes its toll, and some characters are forced to pay a heavy price. After four years of survival, planning, and preparation, Ryan and his allies are finally ready to launch an offensive against the forces that seek to ignite a new galactic war.

  • Map of the Nobruga Galaxy

    Map of the Nobruga Galaxy
  • Volume III


    Through the use of the Ahillians and other Warrior Houses, the Warrior Caste of Sirrius and the Church of the Hyperconsciousness have managed to conceal their involvement in the plot to activate the ancient artifact. Driven by their desire to thrive and evolve, the Warrior Caste and the Church have secretly joined forces in order to destroy the "Hyperconsciousness" and to free themselves from its bonds.

    Using the people kidnapped by the Ahillians, these two great powers plan to activate an artifact, belonging to an extinct civilization, that could destroy the Galactic "Hyperconsciousness" and plunge all the races of the Nobruga galaxy into chaos. War is inevitable.

    A New Galactic War

    The Hellion and Technoton races are forced to launch an offensive into the Warrior Caste's galactic sector in an attempt to prevent the artifact from being activated. Ryan and his allies join the Hellion and Technoton armies in battle, using their unique abilities to prevent the destruction of the "Hyperconsciousness" and stop Arhemon, the leader of the Warrior Caste.

  • To be continued

12 Book Series - Hellion Emblem

The Hellions

The Hellions are a well-balanced race, constantly striving to combine technological advancement with cultural and spiritual evolution. Culturally, the Hellions are the most flourishing race in the Nobruga galaxy. The artistic and aesthetic inclination of the Hellion civilization has led to a cultural revolution in which creative works and art are highly valued. Most Hellions are dedicated to writing, painting, sculpture, or digital forms of art (holograms, virtual reality, augmented reality). The Hellions are the creators and holders of galactic patents for most neural learning and simulated reality devices.

Politically, the Hellions have made great efforts to support and integrate the younger races in their sector into the economic, social, and administrative systems, thus guaranteeing a high standard of living and quality of life for all allied races. The Hellions offer equal rights, freedom of choice, and unlimited access to resources, even to very young races, as long as they are willing to adhere to a set of moral values derived from the ancient Hellion faith.

12 Book Series - Hellion Emblem
12 Book Series - Church Emblem

The Church of the Hyperconsciousness

The Church of the Hyperconsciousness is a race with a culture heavily influenced by its spiritual existence. Avoiding armed conflict as much as possible, the Church has enjoyed several thousand years of economic, social, and scientific development, becoming the most powerful race in the Nobruga galaxy. The Church populates eight thousand one hundred and three planets and has mining operations or outposts on thirteen thousand eight hundred and ninety-six other planets. As a result of restrictions imposed on other races during the Great War, the Church also maintains nine thousand two hundred and seventy-four outposts on the fringes of the Nobruga galaxy to prevent the Old Races from expanding into the neighboring galaxies.

The Church's economy is based almost entirely on trading grains, vegetables, fruits, and livestock with the younger races in exchange for other resources. Although the healing work of the Egani monks is voluntary and free, most races that have been saved by the Church from pandemics or natural disasters, once stabilized, choose to support the Church with resources so that the relief work can continue.

12 Book Series - Warrior Caste Emblem

The Warrior Caste of Sirrius

The Warrior Caste is a race organized into a caste system. The dominant caste is the Warrior caste, followed by the Scientific, Economic, Educational, and, at the bottom of the hierarchy, the Worker caste. As the name implies, the Warrior Caste's primary occupation is war. The Warrior Caste provides military and security services to individuals, planets, and space trade routes in exchange for resources. The economy of the Caste is focused on process efficiency and space optimization. As a result, the ships and various equipment produced by the Caste are inexpensive, yet highly efficient, and are often sold to younger races.

The Warrior Caste has never sought alliances with the younger races. In the last few thousand years, they have only signed treaties of close cooperation with four other middle-aged races, the Ahillians being one of them. The Caste's moral principles forbid them from killing weaker races, civilians, and children, but also dictate that they should never help those much weaker.

12 Book Series - Warrior Caste Emblem
12 Book Series - Technoton Emblem

The Technotons

The Technotons are the most technologically advanced race in the Nobruga galaxy. The main activities of the Technotons, both as a race and as a culture, are scientific research and the development of new technologies, especially robotics. The Technotons have an economy based on the exchange of information and technology with other races and the trade of resources, especially minerals. The Technoton society does not incorporate the concept of currency, but in the interest of intergalactic cooperation, the Technotons adhere to the credit system used primarily by younger races.

The Technoton civilization has chosen to selectively suppress the emotional components of the brain in favor of the rational components. At the same time, they have inadvertently suppressed the genes responsible for longevity and fitness. In order to maintain the Technoton population, conception has become artificial and regulated. Technotons favor utilitarian motivation, rational thinking, and collaboration. Thus, the Technoton system of government is a centralized one, with decisions made by the Technoton Artificial Intelligence and then disseminated throughout the administrative system.

12 Book Series - 100 Kingdoms Emblem

The 100 Kingdoms

The 100 Kingdoms are a political and economic union of twenty-seven thousand different races. Most of these races inhabit single planets, with a only a few dozen having expanded into their solar systems. Culturally, the 100 Kingdoms do not benefit from unification or uniformity, so all the elements of a culture, both positive and negative, are found on most planets. One distinctive element is the construction of very tall buildings, which are found, in abundance, on many of the planets of the 100 Kingdoms.

There are political, cultural, or economic problems on almost every planet in the 100 Kingdoms. A small number of races have evolved under optimal conditions and have overcome most of these challenges. Their representatives act as governors for the one hundred sub-sectors of the 100 Kingdoms. At the same time, more than two thousand planets are still ravaged by war. This creates the perfect environment for mercenaries, pirates, and terrorists to roam across the 100 Kingdoms. While all planetary conflicts are immediately resolved by the Church, the younger races are still left to fend for themselves, lest their evolution be altered by the Old Races.

12 Book Series - 100 Kingdoms Emblem

Nobruga Galaxy

The Nobruga Galaxy is one of the oldest galaxies in the known universe, with an estimated age of over thirteen and a half billion years. Unlike the Milky Way, where the average age of stars is seven billion years, most stars in the Nobruga galaxy are over nine billion years old, giving most solar systems a considerable head start in stabilizing and creating the conditions necessary to sustain life on numerous planets. The diameter of the Nobruga galaxy exceeds forty kilo-parsecs, and the estimated number of stars is over one hundred thirty thousand million.

There are over fifty thousand inhabited planets in the Nobruga galaxy and over one hundred thousand other planets with conditions suitable for life. In addition, another four hundred thousand planets could be colonized and technologically adapted to support life.

The Nobruga galaxy is divided into six galactic sectors. Five of these galactic sectors belong to the five races that make up the Galactic Council, while the sixth sector, considered neutral, is populated by the deviant races.

The deviant races are intelligent races that evolved from reptiles or other species considered inferior to primates or humanoids and are not connected to the Galactic "Hyperconsciousness". There are currently twelve deviant races in the Nobruga galaxy, occupying nineteen planets and over seventy mining operations on various planets that do not have conditions conducive to life. According to ancient historical information, many thousands of years before the rise of the Ancient Races, there were several thousand deviant races, but during the war between the Kama and Ishyzu races, their numbers decreased dramatically.

Galactic Economy

Most races in the Nobruga galaxy are in the process of expansion, constantly expanding the area of influence of their galactic sector and colonizing new planets, either for population relocation or resource exploitation.

Thus, the dominant resource needs relate to providing food for large populations, building ships, extracting and processing fuel for ships, and processing building materials. According to Galactic Law, the exploitation of planetary resources can only be done in a responsible manner, with minimal impact on the environment and the life forms present on those planets.

The colonization of a planet is done gradually, according to a well-documented plan, to ensure that the life forms present are not affected and can adapt to the presence of the colonizers. Mining operations are constantly evaluated by multiracial committees that assess the environmental impact. Chaotic mining, environmental degradation, or waste of resources is usually severely punished by the other races. In some cases, planets are occupied by another race to prevent irresponsible or destructive resource exploitation. The Great War allowed a period of over three thousand years in which resource exploitation could not be properly controlled. To prevent the waste of resources, the largest mining colonies and the most populated planets are constantly monitored by publicly accessible satellites.

The efforts of the five dominant races are focused on stabilizing the rules of responsible resource exploitation and encouraging the exchange of resources between the races so that the need to exploit planets is limited as much as possible. Thus, much of the economy of the five Great Powers is geared toward exploiting surplus resources on populated planets and trading them with other races.

Galactic Time

By the mutual agreement of the five Great Powers, Galactic Time is measured by the rotation of the planet Iona on its axis. This planet was chosen because it is nearly equidistant from Otheus, the capital planet of the Hellions, Sirrius, the capital planet of the Warrior Caste sector, and Amora, the capital planet of the Church. Most planets also use Planetary Time to avoid the inherent inconveniences, but all official meetings are based on the Galactic Time.

Credit System

The Credit System allows the Young Races to purchase needed resources, technology, or information from the Old Races using credits. Periodically, the Young Races must buy back credits from the Old Races with the resources they can produce or extract.

In this way, the Young Races can access the resources or technology they need to develop economically, and then pay back the credits every few years with the additional resources they have acquired in the meantime. The system has proven so stable that even the Old Races prefer to use credits when trading goods or resources with other races.


According to modern scientific understanding, the galactic "Hyperconsciousness" is an intelligent entity that exists purely as an energy manifestation and is responsible for guiding the evolution of the humanoid species in the Nobruga galaxy. The origins of this cosmic intelligence are unknown, but its influence is obvious and its existence undeniable.

Every living being endowed with reason is in contact with the "Hyperconsciousness", actively participating in a symbiotic system in which the organism contributes with the energy necessary to sustain the "Hyperconsciousness", and through the established connection, it receives information and, in extreme cases, even energy support. This system has not been proven, but it has been directly observed by scientists throughout the centuries. It is also believed that life forms without discerning reason, but with various forms of intelligence can also be connected to the "Hyperconsciousness".

In order to develop and thrive, the "Hyperconsciousness" directly influences the genetic evolution of humanoid races to ensure genetic compatibility, which in turn ensures an exponential increase in the number of beings who can contribute with their internal energy to the existence of the "Hyperconsciousness". Humanoid species are preferred over all other life forms because of their increased energy potential. Over the years, scientists have discovered that this cosmic intelligence actively influences scientific discoveries and decisions made in crisis situations, thus increasing the chances of survival and harmonious development of the humanoid races.

As a side effect, the connection to "Hyperconsciousness" gives beings endowed with a sufficiently strong energy field access to special abilities such as telepathy or telekinesis. The connection to the galactic intelligence allows these individuals to understand and manipulate the physical properties of objective reality.

The "Hyperconsciousness" does not discriminate against the deviant races, as they benefit from the same energy and evolutionary support. Because they are endowed with reason, they have the same connection to the "Hyperconsciousness" as the humanoid races.

When two races are genetically compatible, the "Hyperconsciousness" will guide them toward cooperation and mutual aid to avoid conflict, eventually leading to the interbreeding of the populations and a significant increase in the number of compatible individuals, thus increasing the energy contribution to the "Hyperconsciousness".

In a situation where two races are genetically incompatible and are competing for resources, the "Hyperconsciousness" will favor the more numerous race, regardless of the technology they possess or the energy field capacity of the individuals. Thus, the "Hyperconsciousness" will provide support to the race that has the greatest potential for growth and evolution, not the race that has stronger or more capable individuals.

Deviant Races

Races that did not evolve from mammals, either marine or terrestrial, are considered deviant. Of the twelve known deviant races that still exist in the Nobruga galaxy, four evolved from reptiles, four from arachnids, three from insects, and one from birds.

The deviant races populate seventeen planets and have mining operations on nine other planets on the outer edge of the galactic sector of the Church of the Hyperconsciousness.

Of all the deviant races, only two, which evolved from reptiles, have a culture oriented toward war and expansion. The Thareban race had a sizable, more technologically advanced army than any other deviant race. In their desire for expansion, they attacked several neighboring planets. An alliance of several deviant races attacked and destroyed much of the Thareban race's army. They have never recovered economically or militarily.

The other race with considerable military potential is the Kyans race, who suffered decades of vicious civil war. After the hostilities ended, most of the soldiers involved in the fighting left the planet to work as mercenaries for the 100 Kingdoms.

While the deviant races are not allowed to participate in the Credit System, most humanoid races cooperate or trade resources with them without restriction.

The Unwanted

The Unwanted are a Warrior House in the service of the Hellions, and are led by Thundreas Hellion. The unofficial name of this elite military group comes from the fact that its members include the last survivors of several races that were exterminated during the Great War. In addition to Jurada Link, the last member of the Tosan race, the House of the Unwanted includes the last Sand King, Jugred'in, and the last surviving member of the Eishi Reiza race, Miyuki. Oneron is another oddity of this Warrior House, as he is a Technoton, but for various reasons chose to help the Hellions.

Thundreas' Warrior House is made up of people who were gifted with extraordinary abilities, but who were unable to reintegrate into civilized society after the war. Having been actively involved in military operations, some of them for hundreds of years, they had no place to return to for a normal life after open hostilities ended.

Jurada is Thundreas' second in command of this military group. His experience as a strategist and undercover agent makes Jurada an exceptionally skilled leader. The main focus of this Warrior House is to directly oppose the operations of the Ahillians and the Warrior Caste, as these two races are largely responsible for the complete destruction of several races subordinate to the Hellions. The Unwanted fight to protect the Hellion population and ensure that the plans of the Hellion leadership come to fruition.

Swords of Harmony

The Swords of Harmony is a Hellion Warrior House whose members are selected exclusively from the Sekk'youn race. Some members of this race possess a gene sequence that allows them to emit sounds of varying frequencies and intensities from specialized organs in the neck or face area.

The only consideration the Hellions take into account when using the Swords of Harmony is that the number of the Sekk'youn who possess the necessary gene sequence and are strong enough to fight is minuscule. As a consequence, the members of this Warrior House are responsible for the protection of Hellion dignitaries, as well as the search-and-destroy military missions for which they became famous during the Great War. Their loyalty to the Hellions and the sheer determination with which they carry out their missions make the Swords of Harmony one of the most feared Warrior Houses in the Nobruga Galaxy.


The Jiauroka is a Hellion Warrior House whose members specialize primarily in space combat. All Jiauroka members belong to the Jiazrail race. The home planet of the Jiazrail race is located on the far edge of the Hellion sector, in an isolated area of the Nobruga galaxy. While most races in the Hellion sector managed to make contact with other civilizations relatively early in the era of space exploration, the Jiazrail, could only detect signs of intelligent life in the far reaches of space, but did not have the technology to get there. As such, they had devoted entire generations to developing the most sophisticated and technologically advanced ships in the galaxy. Moreover, their obsession with space led them to live among the stars for more than a thousand years without ever setting foot on a planet.

When the Jiazrail finally made contact with the Hellions, the overwhelming technological superiority of their ships, initially made them seem like an Ancient Race compared to the Hellions. While the Hellions benefited immensely from the Jiazrail's technological advancement, the space nomads also benefited, finally finding a new home, a place in the union of races supported by the Hellions, and access to all the discoveries the Hellions had made in the fields of medicine and those related to the "Hyperconsciousness".

Due to their vast experience in space travel and shipbuilding, the Jiauroka are unsurpassed in space combat and serve as one of the pillars of the Hellion army and the Hellion administration.


The Ahillians are one of the fiercest races in the Nobruga galaxy. Most of the soldiers in the Ahillian army have a gene sequence that allows for rapid regeneration, making them fearless in battle and very difficult to kill. The elite warriors are said to heal so quickly that cuts and bruises never appear on their bodies. Even after the Great War, the Ahillian military numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

In stark contrast to their military doctrine, the Ahillian civilization is one of peace and friendship. Throughout their history, they have expanded their influence, favoring cooperation with more than 100 Young Races. While the Ahillian Monarchy strictly adheres to the warrior caste code of not helping the weaker, the Ahillians gain a significant advantage from interbreeding with allied races, especially considering that their regenerative genes are dominant. Their treaties ensure the security of all allied solar systems and guarantee their political autonomy. The Ahillians are unimaginably ruthless when the sovereignty or security of their allies is threatened.

During the Great War, the Ahillians fought fearlessly and achieved many victories against the Hellions and the Church, as well as many of the Young Races that were allied with them. This bravery has earned them the respect of the Warrior Caste, who have accepted them as equal allies worthy of support and cooperation.

Dark Brotherhood

The inhabitants of Olierentis are a Young Race with close ties to the Ahillian Monarchy. Though not considered their equals, they are the only race that has benefited greatly from their alliance with the Ahillians. Most of the planet's intellectuals study in Ahillian universities, gaining access to considerable technical and scientific knowledge that they can bring back to their home planet. In addition, the population of Olierentis is strongly encouraged to marry into Ahillian families.

The entire population of Olierentis is endowed with a strong connection with the "Hyperconsciousness", giving all of them the potential to generate energy fields stronger than most Young Races. The few highly gifted individuals can become so powerful, that they can even compete with the average soldier of the Old Races. These aspects led to the emergence of an elite group of warriors called "The Dark Brotherhood" in the last few hundred years of the Great War. These super-soldiers are highly respected on Olierentis, gaining a preferential status and eventually ruling the planet. Though they operate almost exclusively as assassins, their reign has led to considerable technological and social improvements on Olierentis.

The Dark Brotherhood is secretive, and little is known about its organization and laws. However, one of the most obvious aspects of the Brotherhood's culture is the fact that most new cities on Olierentis are built in the same style and fashion (tall, black, metallic buildings) as the cities on Sirrius, the Warrior Caste's capital planet. It is believed that these actions were part of an effort to gain the favor of the Caste. It is unclear how much the Warrior Caste appreciates the strength of the Brotherhood, as they are primarily involved in assassinations, which are considered shameful and dishonorable by the Caste.


Drezzen is a Warrior House loyal to the Warrior Caste of Sirrius. It comprises incredibly strong individuals who have been recruited and trained by the Caste. The main criteria for selection are an energy field and combat skills equal to those of the elite soldiers of the Old Races. Although they are few in number, they are incredibly strong. A peculiarity of this Warrior House is that it was created by Arhemon, and its existence is kept secret even among the elite of the Warrior Caste.

The members of this Warrior House have also been educated and helped to reach key positions in various governments and organizations in the 100 Kingdoms and even other Warrior Houses. This allowed Arhemon to easily control or influence most of the ruling parties of the 100 Kingdoms.

The leader of the Warrior Caste accepted the stain on his honor that this approach brought, but having powerful people in key positions helped him achieve his goals hidden from public view.

Ha Mong

The Ha Mong Warrior House originated on Duyaeng, the closest inhabitable planet to the Ahillian homeworld. These two races had a similar history and development over the past millennia. While the Ahillians expanded their influence and developed strong relations with many other races, the inhabitants of Duyaeng maintained only diplomatic relations with the Warrior Caste. During the Great War, they participated in military operations alongside the Caste and the Ahillians, and have come to respect and accept the Ahillians.

Unless absolutely necessary, they avoid any contact with any other race. Their solar system is closed to trade routes, and they have ambassadors on only a handful of planets. Their secrecy has attracted the attention of the Church, which has inspected the planet several times, but has found nothing remotely dangerous or illegal on it. The Duyaeng is simply not a very hospitable race.

Their lack of interest in other races has led to the creation of a Warrior House that lacks any trace of compassion or remorse. The Ha Mong are masters of poison and do not refrain from killing civilians. No rules apply as long as they are paid what they believe they are worth. A few of the Ha Mong leaders have also worked their way into the Hygerta conglomerate, but they occupy middle management positions to avoid attracting too much attention. They are only placed there to secure contracts for their unique and terrible skills.


Hygerta is a galactic financial conglomerate engaged in the production and commercialization of weapons and military spaceships, primarily for other races of the 100 Kingdoms. As a secondary line of business, they train and deploy mercenary units as protection or active participants in conflict zones. Providing security for most planets, the Hygerta mercenaries are usually a much cheaper alternative to the Warrior Caste.

While they pride themselves with some elite units that have made significant contributions in various military operations, they focus on quantity rather than quality. They realized early on that large numbers of decent soldiers with state-of-the-art weaponry were more lucrative and, in most cases, more efficient for their clients' needs than small units of super-soldiers. As a result, most of the mercenaries working for Hygerta do not even come close to the power and capabilities of the Old Races.

Galactic politics are of no interest to the Hygerta conglomerate. As long as there is war somewhere, they will always provide their services for the right price. However, their connection to the Ahillians has provided an opportunity for great profit by participating as support for Ahillian military operations, especially in the 100 Kingdoms sector. In this regard, they have also begun to secretly manage the Koroya and other Warrior Houses, due to their connections with many governments and the ease with which they can transport large armies within the sector.


The Koroya people are a Young Race that has experimented extensively with developing animals that can telepathically connect with soldiers and transfer energy to them, increasing their strength and abilities in battle. After centuries of unnatural and grotesque experimentation, the Koroya have managed to alter the genetic code of some animals and enhance them with nanomachines in order to ensure a symbiotic relationship between soldiers and their animal companions. This is how the Koroya Warrior House was born.

Because their actions threatened to bring the population closer to the deviant races, the Church banned all similar research and attempted to identify all Koroya soldiers who had undergone this unnatural transformation. No one could have predicted the number of Koroya soldiers who had bonded with their animal companions, as there are more than two hundred thousand soldiers with this ability. The Koroya's greatest problem is moving their massive armies without being detected by the Church.


The Technotons had spent hundreds of generations trying to improve the mental potential of their people. Through meticulous genetic manipulation and controlled breeding, they had succeeded in creating highly intelligent, almost emotionless individuals. However, this process resulted in the exclusion of gene sequences that also conferred extensive physical abilities, limiting the physical progress of the Technotons and diminishing their ability to heal and maintain a healthy body.

The need for an elite military unit was only a secondary reason for the creation of the Shin'Kensai Warrior House. All members of the Shin'Kensai are the result of a secret program meant to reintroduce the genes responsible for emotions and physical health back into the Technoton genome. To the Technotons, these are the chosen descendants of the entire race, the hope of a better future where the sins of their arrogance will be forgiven and forgotten.

Developed under the guidance of the Technoton Artificial Intelligence and with the efforts of the Hive Mind, Vik, the galaxy's most experienced geneticists, the soldiers of the Shin'Kensai are the pinnacle of Technoton evolution, gracefully combining enhanced intellect with superior physical abilities. While female Shin'Kensai soldiers exist, they rarely participate in military operations, as they are still rare and considered invaluable to the perpetuation of the new breed of Technotons.

Although the Shin'Kensai Warrior House was created over 200 years ago, their existence was the Technotons' best kept secret, and their operations were so covert and well hidden that their actions were unknown to any other race. To prevent the "Hyperconsciousness" from interfering with their genetic manipulation, the Shin'Kensai were all decoupled from it, which also meant that the Church could not have visions of them.


The members of the Kama race were tall and thin, with whitish, pale complexions. Having evolved from land mammals, their bodies were still covered with rudimentary, whitish, sparse hair on their arms, chest, and back. Their disproportionately muscular hands reached to their knees and ended in long, slender fingers. The Kama had an artistic nature and constantly combined technology with art. Everything they created was beautiful and harmonious, delicate and refined.

The Kama race first lived in subterranean settlements, then migrated to settlements built at the base of mountains, then to forests, and finally came to rule the entire dry land of their home planet, Kaliga.

A spiritual revolution early in the history of the Kama race led them to adhere to a set of spiritual principles strongly oriented toward mutual aid and community. Although they have enjoyed great technological development, the Kama race has not strayed from the spiritual values that have guided their decisions for tens of thousands of years.

The discovery of the younger races led the Kama to welcome many other races into their family, taking under their protection hundreds of races, both genetically compatible and deviant, without differentiating among them in any way.

The war with the Ishyzu race came after decades of hesitation, failed negotiations, and unsuccessful attempts at interspecies breeding. In essence, the Kama race did everything possible to avoid armed conflict.


Evolved from marine mammals, the Ishyzu had scaly skin and no hair. Their eyes were large, round, and warm. Their muscular but stocky bodies suggested a little more gravity on their home planet of Ydakka. The Ishyzu arms and legs were short and muscular, while the necks were short and thick, almost indistinguishable from the rest of the body. Their settlements were built on the shores of the seas or along the waterways, indirectly reflecting the compact and rugged appearance of the Ishyzu race.

Over time, the Ishyzu race built their cities on the planetary seas and oceans that covered much of the planet's surface.

Due to the harsh living conditions on Ydakka, the Ishyzu evolved into a culture based on survival, power, and controlling access to resources. The great technological advancement and the ability to colonize other, more hospitable planets did not cause the Ishyzu race to abandon their need for power and increased material security.

The rise and technological advancement of the young, deviant races was seen as a direct threat to the prosperity and chances of survival of the Ishyzu race and their descendants. For hundreds of years, the Ishyzu race conducted covert military operations, exterminating hundreds of deviant races until they were discovered.

When the Kama race objected to these practices, they were immediately branded as a threat, especially considering their similar level of technological development. Thus began the Thousand-Year War between the two races.

Nanofiber Armor

During the Great War, the nanofiber armor was widely adopted by most races in the Nobruga galaxy. Originally developed by the Technotons to support their fragile bodies, the nanofiber armor was adapted by the Warrior Caste for enhanced protection and soon became widely used by the Young Race's military and paramilitary forces. Though expensive, its benefits and versatility are unmatched by similar technologies.

The main advantage of the nanofiber armor is its ability to adapt to the most adverse conditions, such as extreme temperatures, significant pressure fluctuations, and, most importantly, force trauma. The suits are made of intelligent nanomachines that bind together to take the shape of the wearer's body, and are able to protect the wearer from a wide variety of attacks, including slashing, projectile, energy, and heat-based attacks. The suits can enhance or inhibit tactile functions, increasing sensitivity or greatly reducing the pain or impact felt by the wearer. In terms of adaptability, the armor can change shape to adapt to the environment, significantly improving climbing, swimming, and surface adhesion. The nanofiber armor can also change shape to form pockets, sheaths, or backpacks, and transform into wingsuits when needed.

Military-grade nanofiber armor is capable of monitoring the wearer's physiological metrics and can intervene as needed by releasing the necessary chemicals, nutrients, or stimulants directly into the bloodstream for a variety of ailments or wounds. The armor can also be programmed to release drugs, hormones, or antidotes based on internal and external factors. Military armor isolates heat and electrical signatures, and is undetectable by motion scanners and sonar.

There are two types of armor that surpass the nanofiber armor in most respects, but they are specific to the races that developed them and come at a much higher price. The Technoton Battle Armor provides increased protection, and the health-related functions are significantly more advanced, but they have reduced mobility and are unusable for covert operations due to their size. They also contain a built-in waste disposal system that allows the armor to be worn for long periods of time, but this feature is also one of the reasons most Technotons avoid using them unless absolutely necessary.

The Hellion Intelligent Metal Armor is genetically bound to the Hellion wearer and must be supported by the wearer's energy field in order to function. As such, only a few select individuals can actually use the Hellion Metal. However, those strong enough to wield this type of armor can attest to its superiority. In addition to all the features of nanofiber armor, Hellion armor provides extensive protection against most types of attack, can support the wearer for long periods of time in non-oxygenated environments, and can change shape, specifically into weapons or tools.

Neuronal Learning Device

The Hellions' passion for medicine and education is known throughout the galaxy. The millennia-old history of this race is closely tied to medical research and the promotion of learning and intellectual development.

Several hundred years ago, the Hellions developed a device capable of stimulating areas of the brain affected by old age or various degenerative diseases. Improvements to this device led to the ability to stimulate or control precise areas of the brain to the point where the device could coordinate various neural processes to produce cognitive, hormonal, and physiological changes.

After decades of improvements, the device created by Hellions had become capable of directly inducing information into neural nuclei and stimulating cognitive processes to ensure efficient assimilation of the projected information. Thus, the Neural Learning Device, as it was called, had become an integral part of the life of every civilized being in the Nobruga galaxy. Any deviation in brain function or cognitive processes could be corrected within minutes without any individual effort. In addition, the device's ability to absorb information and experience quickly and sustainably made it an ideal choice for educating children and accelerating the assimilation of information during their intellectual development.

Constant adjustments to improve the device's performance for the Hellion population, however, have made the new versions less effective for younger or deviant races, who are forced to use older, less effective versions of the device.